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Become a full-stack web developer with our immersive online apprenticeship

Why drink from the Firehose?

Real World Skills

Ruby on Rails

We treat you like a junior web developer from day one so you're ready for anything out in the real world. You will learn how to build and launch fully functional web applications that prepare you to thrive in the technical environment of startups.

Algorithms and Logic

Algorithms power our world. We make sure you understand, write and use algorithms like professional developers, integrate them into advanced web applications and modify your code so it solves whatever challenge the real world throws at you.

Group Projects

The best software in the world is built by amazing teams. We put you on an amazing team and teach you real world coding that transforms the way you do web development. Code reviews, GitHub in advanced mode, agile teams and weekly scrum meetings - welcome to the real world.

Our recent graduates are awesome!

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World-Class Mentors

At the FirehoseProject, we united world-class code mentors and senior web developers who are passionate about helping students grow into proficient developers, ready to thrive in the real world.


Matthew Rothenberg

Former head of product and technology at Flickr and Bitly

Mike Coutermarsh

Senior developer at ProductHunt, author of the Heroku Cookbook

Ian Asaff

Senior engineer at Localytics, former senior web developer at PayPal and WHERE.com

Tyler Diaz

Sold his first company for 5-figures in high school, the youngest founder admitted into Y-Combinator

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On Your Time

And Completely Online

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Go from 0 MPH to 20 MPH. Launch your own website, write Ruby code and solve coding challenges that screen out many programmers before the first job interview. Get your code reviewed by our mentor team and start working on your coding fundamentals.

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Firehose Core

Real world coding to accelerate your skills from 20 MPH to 120 MPH. You build advanced web applications, create complex algorithms, use Test Driven Development and work on a group project, all while being under the wing of a world-class mentor.

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